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Why you should hire The Medlock Group?

The Medlock Group is committed to providing the best possible practices to help our clients in conflict reach win/win settlement agreements without costly litigation.  What are the advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?  

  • It is private in nature.  Confidentiality is key.
  • ADR affords parties the opportuity to exercise greater control over the way their dispute is resolved vs going to court where a decision is going to be made for them.  
  • In court there is a winner and a loser.  In ADR  the parties themselves make the most appropriate decision for settling their dispute.
  • Both parties leave the room with a win/win settlement agreement.  Neither party loses.

Other advantages of ADR over litigation are:   

flexibility, speed, less stress, and lower cost.  The advantage to hiring The Medlock Group to conduct your mediation or arbitration is that we are experienced professionals in ADR processes, and give our clients the option of resolving their disputes onsite or online in a cost effective manner.  

In addition to mediation and arbitration services, we provide the 40-hr. Basic Mediation training, conflict resolution training, and a host of other professional development training workshops. 

The Medlock Group is very adept in handling disputes ranging from the workplace, landlord/tenants, family and divorce, churches, schools, community/non-profit organizations, etc....We are your preeminent choice to reach voluntary win-win agreements. 

Our Team

Meet our highly experienced staff.

Stacy Medlock-Printers

Retired EEO Investigtor, Mediator, and 

Professional Development Trainer

Jocelyn Medlock-Price

Retired EEO Investigator, Educator, Mediator, and Professional Development Trainer

Adrian Fuller

Mediator and Arbitrator

20+ years


30+ years


20+ years