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Mediation is a non-adversarial way to resolve disputes outside of the judicial system.  It is an informal and flexible way disputing parties may reach a resolution without paying  attorney fees, court fees, and letting a judge make a final decision for you.  You risk losing your case in court.

In the mediation process there is no going to court and no loser, because a mediator will guide the disputing parties toward their own resolution.  How?  Through joint sessions and separate caucuses with the parties, the mediator will help the parties define their issues clearly, help them understand each others position, and move them closer to a resolution.  Each party wins with a mediation resolution.

Arbitration, similar to medition, is another traditional form of private dispute resolution.  In choosing arbitration, the disputing parties opt for a private dispute resolution procedure instead of going to court.  Arbitration takes place between a worker and an employer in front of a neutral decision maker called an "arbitrator" (or in some cases, a group or "panel" of arbitrators) who will listen to each side and make a decision about the case. The decisions made in arbitration is binding. 

The main differences between mediation and arbitration are:

Mediation = the parties are in control of the outcome of their case.  The Mediator has no power to decide. Settlements can only take place with the party approval.

Arbitration = arbitrators control the outcome, in that they are given the power to decide the case.  Their decision are final and binding.

Why litigate when you can mediate or arbitrate for a lot less money?  We are your eminent partner in resolution in that our trained ADR professionals will help you resolve conflicts in your organization via Mediation or Arbitration.  Reaching binding win/win settlement agreements is our speciality and our services can be utilized onsite or online.  

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